A2 Hosting – Honest review & Live proof of 1230+ real time users (mySite)

A2 Hosting – Honest review here is i have shared my website Traffic 1230+ real time users personal experience and also showing Live why i choosed This hosting company

Hello friends, today I am telling  you my experience which has passed with me A2 hosting and also will show proof of  my Website in this Article

which hosting I used before converting to A2 Hosting – Honest review

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Friends, when I started blogging 1 year ago, I did not know that hosting helps a lot in Google ranking, then I did not know what hosting is good or what is good.
Friends, when I bought the hosting of Name Hero from a man.  I gave him about a thousand rupees for 1 year.
Then I started blogging, then I started publishing articles, then my article used to be ranked but did not come at the top position.
Because I did not know that hosting also helps a lot to bring Google to the top of the rankings that I did not know at all. As soon as I entered blogging, I kept getting a lot of knowledge related to blogging then I knew  Hosting also  Matters a lot in website Ranking
So, friends, I could not understand what to do, then my friend gave me an opinion that once you change the hosting, you can see if your website may get some ranking, then I started searching on Google that What is good hosting,
so I saw in a YouTube video that a2hosting is good, so I bought it once a2hosting to try it. I gave ₹ 5000 for 1 year. At that time an offer was going on.
So guys, when I linked my own website with a2hosting, then I got all the setup done.
Friends, when I myself was surprised that my website was slowly coming on the first page of Google.
Friends believe me, my traffic was traffic on my website. There was so much traffic for a time that above 1200+ was traffic.
Friends, you can see for yourself, I have taken a screenshot of that traffic and uploaded it here.
A2 hosting - Honest review
This is my website Traffic Proof 1




A2 hosting - Honest review
This is my website Traffic Proof 2

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A2 webhosting - Honest review


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