Satta king – Sattaking free Game and fastest result Satta matka guessing

Satta king – Sattaking free Game and fastest result Satta matka guessing

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Satta King

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is an online platform for gambling and lottery purpose,

which was available from 2018 all over the world.

Satta King doesn’t requires any skill or effort, its completely based on luck.

satta matka or matka gambling started in 1950

is nothing but gambling and it is completely illegal over the country but still people are playing these games.

Some might have earned money and rest of them might lose money continuesly.

Risk cannot be avoided in this Satta King or Satta Matka, everthing depends on destiny, luck and betting. Betting money is the only option to play this gambling and test your destiny or luck to win money.

Many people are still losing their money on Satta King as it is gambling, but still some people are getting rich while playing Satta.

Satta King is just an online platform launched past few years ago, but Satta Matka or Matka Gambling was a physical market since 1950s.

Satta Matka

works on the lottery type mechanism based on the transmition of cotton exchange in New York. This actually first started from New York, United States, then lately jumped into Indian economical market place, Mumbai.

This Satta Matka was majorly and mostly played in Uttar Pradesh, India, which was just a numeral competition or in other words it’s totally a lottery based game although it is generally categorised in gambling.

Eventually, it was getting famous and trend to win tons of money easily in India, Satta Matka spread himself all over the India.

Later on, this gambling was not in condition to follow laws and protocols issue government

So it was ban throughout the country

Literally this comes under illegal activity at present period of time.Then, the era of technology begins so

Satta Matka offline gambing switch themselves into Satta King online gambling,

still this does not match the laws and protocols criteria.

But people still use it for betting, losing and winning huge amount of money.

Satta King as an online platform is still illegal but people plays secretly on their devices

which reduces the risk of being trace or caught by the police in country and although it is widely been famed and popular so people bet their money as the greed of money.

As Satta King is an online platform, it is currently famous all over the world as gambling.

History of Satta king – satta matka

As we know that Satta Matka is foundsince 1950s from New York, United States.

So, people used to giveaway their money and started to bet on the opening and closing prices of cotton that were exported to Mumbai Cotton Exchange from New York Cotton Exchange at the era of time.

Unfortunately in 1961, New York Cotton Exchange completely stopped to transmit their

cotton practise but gamblers addicted and greedy enough to keep betting for money.

So they started to look forward for alternatives for the new base of Satta Matka business.

Ratan Khatri was the founder of Satta Matka,

he announced to work on the opening and closing prices of the unknown products.

This word Matka from Satta Matka gambling came from the mud pot named as “Matka” in hindi language

which was actaually being used to put chits of papers on that pot to roll for winners.

As the time passes and techniques changed too, but still the name was famous enough to remain unchange

The evolution in this gambling this on its peak, Kalyanji Bhagat introduces his gamble “Worli Matka” at 1962, which banged the market and opened every day in week whereas Satta Matka opened for 6 days a week.

Worli Matka was popular because even poor people could bet in his business with starting in single rupee.

As the time changes, it was converted into online gambling where rich people used to bet on cricket matches.

At 2008 this Satta business had a step back due to involment of police in this illegal activity.

Matka King

Matka King is a tag for the individual person who actually won highest money in this Matka gambling thing.

As reseached so far

we dont have much public data but actually three person had this Matka Kings tag, those are Suresh Bhagat, Ratan Khatri, Kalyanji Bhagat.

Those were some complete information about Satta King or Satta Matka, as they were famous and making a huge turnover of 500 crores a week.

Nowadays, it’s been common to involve in online gambling platforms to actually bet and win money, but gambling is still restricted and illegal in India.