How Satta Matka Business is Running All Secret Information 900+ crores

Today you are going to know everything about How Satta Matka Business is Running All Secret Information.

Friends, today I am going to give you an information that few people will know and most people will not know this information Satta Matka Business

What’s satta matka small summary

Satta Matka final ank

Friends, this is a type of gambling in which people win 10 times or even 100 times money by putting some money or lose from 100 times or 10 times within.

It is a game which is ruined by some people and some people and they has tried their luck in this game and becoming successful

And I have seen many people who have been ruined in this game.

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How Satta Matka Business is Running strategy All about

Friends, this is a big business with a turnover of crore rupees every day.

Friends, it runs on the business number.

Means this business based on open to close, single numbers jodi,  panels, single panels and much more

Now you may be wondering how this single number or jodi or panels come up?

Friends all games are trick line formula based and all game’s tricks fails

That’s why they figured out an idea

From now on the game will be based on Loading

Maybe You do not understand the meaning of Loading Let me try to explain you with an example and hope that you will understand everything.

Example :- Friends, suppose that three friends are now going to play Satta Matka.

matka guessing

The first friend plays a bet of ₹ 100 at number 4

The Second friend plays a bet of ₹ 200 at number 5

The Third friend plays a bet of ₹ 300 at number 6

Now only one of these three friends is going to win and that is the first friend who played a bet of ₹ 100 on number 4, he is going to win in this game.

Now you might be wondering how the first friend wins, so guys it’s all based on loading.

Let me explain how Satta matka numbers Loading and showing results

Friends, suppose that thousands of people are going to Agents for play Satta Matka.

matka guessing

Now here is the work of agents of Satta Matka.

Now the job of an agent is that how many people are playing the betting of how many rupees on which number,

All this information is passed on to the main office Satta Matka office and this information is sent to the main Satta Matka office of the agents.

Now the Matka office people see which number has played the speculation of more money and on which number have played the least money speculation.

Satta Matka Business

Now Matka office people choose the that number on which the minimum small amount of money has been satta played,

That the number will extract and they will show as a result

i hope you understand all about how satta matka runs if you not understood please contact us for clear your doughts or search here or search on facebook

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